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Nourishing our hives depends upon nature’s chemistry. To do so successfully, we must bee our best selves. And to bee at our best, we must bee cognizant of what we put in and on our hides and hives.

Natural Skin Care

easy, healthy

Small Batch

scratch-made in Chester County, PA


nature’s alchemy, chemical-free


simple recipes, sensational results

Born of a Mother's Love

A family of personal care products made with only natural ingredients for every hide in your hive.

The Buzz

Our customers love to rave about our products and how they've changed their lives.

As a healthcare worker, non-greasy hand moisturizer is a-must. KC Essentials’ lotion bars are so divine that I gave one to each of my family members last Christmas. They were a hit!

Alie P.

I have been using the natural deodorant and lavender lotion stick, which is super after a 12-hour shift as a nurse! They smell great and they work safely, for me and my family.

Amy E.

Divine, Bar None. Working in healthcare, I constantly search for hand moisturizes that aren’t greasy. KC Essentials’ lotion bars are just that, and chemical-free, and simply divine.

Alie P.

So Smooth, It’s Criminal! The body scrub is saving my dry summer skin! It goes on smooth and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean (not greasy)! It even enabled me to ditch my shaving cream!

Krista L.

Our family loves the foaming hand soap and bath bombs. I like knowing they’re all handmade without harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Andrea M.

Spraying Power! When enjoying outdoor activities— from sports, to camps— our family uses (and loves) the Stay Away Bug and Tick Spray. It really works!

Cheri O.

Essentially Favorites! From the lip balms, to body scrubs— KCEssentials are staples in our home that we love!

Priya B.

Scent-sational! I absolutely love the Juniper Orange deodorant— it’s so fresh and clean!

Amy V.

Naturally Devoted! As a vegan, I particularly love the deodorants, lip balms and body scrubs, but I can’t think of a KC Essentials product that I haven’t loved. I’m always excited to try what’s new!

Missy S.


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