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Born of a Mother’s Love ®

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Katie Centrella

In the summer of 2013, my infant son who had severe eczema experienced an anaphylactic reaction to yogurt. One emergency room trip and several allergist appointments later, we learned he had multiple food allergies, so I needed to carefully consider what I put in and on his little body. Now closely reading (and attempting to understand!) ingredient labels, I was astonished to discover that many products we had been using throughout our lives contained ingredients that were not only unnatural, but also potentially harmful. In fact, topical remedies recommended to mitigate my son’s allergies contained chemicals proven to have negative long-term effects. As a result, I decided to create personal care products made from only natural, non-harmful ingredients for my son and entire family. Sharing my quest with other women, I realized many people had similar issues and concerns and were also searching for alternative personal care options. So, I began hosting “Make and Take” gatherings for friends so they, too, could make these wholesome products. Using only natural ingredients, including essential oils, each creation yielded successful results for my fellow moms and their families— time and time again. And so, KC Essentials was born! As the Queen Bee of KC Essentials (and my family’s hive!), I need to make these wholesome products and make them easily accessible. That’s why my full line of baby, women’s, men’s and pet personal care products are reasonably-priced— available right here on, as well as in boutiques throughout the tri-state area.

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