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Handcrafted Natural Bar Soap – Fall


Gently wash away grit and grime every time with handcrafted vegan soap bars that clean and smell like a dream. Available in five fresh-picked scents, these bar soaps are made with natural and other ingredients, including coconut oil and shea butter, and essential oil fragrances.



Beeing oh-so-seasonal, oh-so-practical and oh-so-responsibly made make our handcrafted vegan bar soaps oh-so popular! Available in 8 seasonal scents, the soaps are made with essential oils and other natural ingredients.


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Bee a Clean Wiz, Bee A Night Owl, Bee Buzzed, Bee Jazzy, Bee Spooky, Ginger Bee Bread, Honey, Bee Crisp, Pumpkin, Bee Chai


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