About the Owner



KC Essentials was literally born of a mother's love. In 2014, our infant son had an anaphylactic reaction to yogurt, which led to the diagnosis of his many food allergies. I needed to carefully consider what I put in and on his little body.

As I began to carefully read ingredient labels, I discovered that most products contained unnatural elements, some potentially harmful. I decided to scratch-make personal care products—using only natural, non-harmful ingredients—for our entire family.

I started sharing our son’s story and my quest with other parents and soon realized many people had similar concerns. They, too, were searching for alternatives to name brand personal care products. I began hosting “Make and Take” gatherings for friends so they could make the wholesome products I developed for our family.

And so, KC Essentials was born! As the “Queen Bee” of KC Essentials, it’s my mission to make wholesome products and make them easily accessible.

The name for my business comes from my name, Katie Centrella, and from a commitment to the essentials that nature provides us all.

The imagery for the company took on a female form of nature and nurture but with a hint of chaos. Bees personify this feeling behind my brand. They are essential—we can’t live without them. They appear erratic, but they all have a job and work together to make an all-natural product with many uses and benefits.🐝

I’m so happy to share the fruits of this journey with everyone, helping others to find how natural products can care for every hide in your hive. 🍯

Thank you for your support, and Bee Happy! 💛